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Alpaca Shearers for California

In no particular order.

In general, it's a good idea to set up your shearing in January, to ensure that you are booked with the shearer of your choice.  Shearing usually takes place between late March and mid-June--most of us shear in April and May in California.  

Except where indicated, this is not an endorsement of any shearer, but simply a list I've compiled because I am so frustrated when alpaca owners call in June and wonder how to get their animals shorn for heat control.


We use Brian Gnizak of Shear Relief, LLC (formerly with BioSecure--see below)

 Facebook.  Comes out from Midwest with team of 4, so his schedule is tight!


Also to get a team out from the Midwest.  They start their scheduling in January on line.Or Google "Biosecure Alpaca Shearing"). 


Sergio Balcorta (Shear Magic)  


[email protected]


Josh Swink  (530) 559-6222


Alex Crawford Alpaca Shearing    [email protected]   1-530-613-9355 

  So I guess he's in the Northern CA area!


Peter Connelly  

His number is 505/ 231-2058

Comes with 3 helpers.

Central California

Steve Mortimer--Sandy Acres Alpacas

Shearing almost all Calif,parts of Nevada.And more if needed. 

Call now.Or e mail. 

[email protected]    Escalon, CA  (Central Callifornia)



Cody Fifield

Company:  High Country Alpaca Shearing

State:        NM


Email:        [email protected]

Phone:       505-495-9232

Works in these areas: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA


Steven Patrick Bell

 Steve Bell Alpaca Shearing

FB is Steve Bell Alpaca Shearing

Phone 541-913-9993

email: [email protected]

He shears from Washington to California and east to some in Nevada and Idaho


Brett Crosby (added Jan. 2017)

Alpaca Shearing Service

(661) 618-4941 (office)

 I work primarily central to Southern California. I have been shearing over 10 years. I shear easily over 1000 alpacas per year. I am Experienced, Reliable, and very capable. Thank you,  [email protected]


Armando Esquivel

Alpaca Shearer for 16 years


Gina Gouveia added Feb. 2019

Moonrise Alpaca Shearing

(206) 819-9738


Stacey S. Payne  added April 2019


Calif, NV, Oregon for now probably 


John Sanchez  added Sept. 2019.  John lives in Petaluma, so he's a great asset for those of us in coastal Northern California.  Does Alpacas, Sheep, Llamas.  




 Matthew Gilbert  added July 16, 2020  Based in Ukiah, shears from Hollister to Arcata, to Trinity to Guinda and everywhere in between!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 707-972-9144


6/1/23:  K. Ruby Blume

[email protected]

From Eugene, OR to Sacramento along the I-5: East Bay, Marin, Sonoma counties, up the 101 through Mendocino and Humboldt counties



Also see page 6 of the Calpaca Winter 2018 Newletter





Updated June 11, 2023