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Alpaca Shearers for California

In no particular order.

 In general, it's a good idea to set up your shearing in January, to ensure that you are booked with the shearer of your choice.  Shearing usually takes place between late March and mid-June--most of us shear in April and May in California.  

Except where indicated, this is not an endorsement of any shearer, but simply a list I've compiled because I am so frustrated when alpaca owners call in June and wonder how to get their animals shorn for heat control.


We use Brian Gnizak of Shear Relief, LLC (formerly with BioSecure--see below)

 Book with Brian (big improvement!) at 330-317-6135 or and on

Facebook.  Comes out from Midwest with team of 4, so his schedule is tight!


Also to get a team out from the Midwest.  They start their scheduling in January on line.Or Google "Biosecure Alpaca Shearing").

(Please ignore the blue highlights--I can't get rid of it and don't know where it came from!) 


Sergio Balcorta (Shear Magic)  



Josh Swink  (530) 559-6222


Alex Crawford Alpaca Shearing   1-530-613-9355 

  So I guess he's in the Northern CA area!


Peter Connelly  

His number is 505/ 231-2058

Comes with 3 helpers.

Central California

Tom Krasny and Jennifer Powers

Tom Krasny 

Aeroranch Group 

530 219 3128 

Northern CA--they live in Grass Valley area

Steve Mortimer--Sandy Acres Alpacas

Shearing almost all Calif,parts of Nevada.And more if needed. 

Call now.Or e mail. 

209-988-3396    Escalon, CA  (Central Callifornia)



Cody Fifield

Company:  High Country Alpaca Shearing

State:        NM



Phone:       505-495-9232

Works in these areas: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA


Steven Patrick Bell

 Steve Bell Alpaca Shearing

FB is Steve Bell Alpaca Shearing

Phone 541-913-9993


He shears from Washington to California and east to some in Nevada and Idaho


Brett Crosby (added Jan. 2017)

Alpaca Shearing Service

(661) 618-4941 (office)

 I work primarily central to Southern California. I have been shearing over 10 years. I shear easily over 1000 alpacas per year. I am Experienced, Reliable, and very capable. Thank you,


Armando Esquivel <>

Alpaca Shearer for 16 years


Gina Gouveia added Feb. 2019

Moonrise Alpaca Shearing

(206) 819-9738


Stacey S. Payne  added April 2019


Calif, NV, Oregon for now probably 


John Sanchez  added Sept. 2019.  John lives in Petaluma, so he's a great asset for those of us in coastal Northern California.  Does Alpacas, Sheep, Llamas.  





Also see page 6 of the Calpaca Winter 2018 Newletter





Updated March 05, 2020